Nicoise in a Jar


I like things in jars, and here is another good use for the many jars I have laying around.

Putting salads in Jars is a great way to make things them of time, and to keep the salad fresh, and develop flavors while they sit in the fridge.

The order of the layering is important, as keeping the lettuce away from the moist ingredients keeps it crisp, while allowing some to touch the dressing improves their flavor – in this case the tomatoes and onion.

They also look, really pretty. Depending on how tightly packed the jar is  you may be able to eat directly from the jar (shaking to mix), or as I had, added to a plate or bowl to mix and eat.

Nicoise is a classic French salad, I didn’t use olives as I didn’t have any, and used capers instead of anchovies for a salt hit.

The tuna, egg, potato and beans make a very filling salad. If you wish, replace the eggs and tuna with white bans or chickpeas for a vegan alternative.

You need two large size clean jars for this recipe,  mine where 750mls, but you can add more or less lettuce to fit a slightly smaller or larger jar.


Ingredients: for two large jars (these make a BIG salad for one).

2 tins of tuna slices in oil, drained

2 boiled eggs cooled, and sliced.

1 cos lettuce, washed, spun and torn into pieces

10 cherry tomatoes – halved

1 red onion – diced

6 baby potatoes, steamed, cooled, cut into slices.

250 gs of green beans, steamed lightly and cooled, cut into thirds

2 tsp of capers

2 tbs of olive oil

1 tbs of red wine vinegar

Salt and Pepper


1. Add oil, vinegar and salt and pepper to the bottom of the jar.


2. Add tomatoes, onions and capers.


3. Add tuna.


4. Add the potato slices, carefully so that they are flat and cover the bottom layers completely.


5. Add the green beans to cover the potato.


6. Add the egg, reserving a couple of slices to arrange vertically against the jar for decoration.


7. Place the decorative eggs slice against the glass, add the lettuce to ‘hold’ up the egg and fill the jar.

8. Screw on lid, and refrigerate until you want to eat!




Bacon and Egg Filo Pie – with Onion Jam


I was really craving bacon and egg pie. Although, filo is lighter than other pastries this is NOT a lighter recipe.

It does contain lots of yummy things though, eggs, bacon, cheese and onion!

The filo and use of a loaf pan makes for easy assembly of the pie.

It can be served hot or cold, and can make a good breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner dish.

I found this recipe on the website of the TV show everyday gourmet

In this version, I added the onion jam I posted previously , and used some mayonnaise in place of the sour cream, as I forgot to buy it. I would recommend using the sour cream, the mayonnaise made it a little to rich. I also didn’t use any fresh  herbs, but the chives used in the original recipes or parsley would be lovely.

To make this healthier, use less and leaner bacon, or ham, or replace bacon with some spinach or tomato. You could also use low fat cheese and reduce the amount.



50g butter, melted
7 sheets of thick filo pastry
9 pieces of thin streaky bacon
10 eggs
Salt and pepper
200g cheddar, grated
50g mayonnaise

1 portion of onion jam
Juice and zest of ½ lemon


1. Pre heat the oven to 190C. Grease the bottom of a loaf tin and line with one sheet of filo pastry, allowing excess pastry to runoff the edges. Repeat 5 times, lightly brushing each time with the melted butter.

2.Fry the bacon until golden brown, drain.


3. Place three pieces of the bacon in the filo lined tin. Crack the eggs into a bowl and season with salt pepper. Whisk, just to break up the egg yolks. Pour half of this mixture into tin, followed by another three pieces of bacon.




4. In another bowl combine  cheddar, mayonnaise and lemon. Place on top of bacon, top with the onion jam and then add the remaining egg mixture. Finish with the last three pieces of bacon. Cover with the remaining buttered filo pastry and seal by crimping the edges to form a pie. Brush with a little butter.



5. Bake in the oven for 35-40 minutes. Once cooked allow to cool slightly before removing from the tin.




Egg salad Sandwich



So, this isn’t really a recipe, but it’s something that I like to eat and I eat it often.

I love love love hard boiled eggs! If a salad has them in it, it makes it special. I’m addicted to many Asian dishes that come with them as a garnish – Ramen, Nasi Lemak, Laska etc. I remember the first time I tried stuffed eggs – sooooo good!

So when I was little and we ate a sandwich bar, bakery or cafe I would always get a egg and lettuce sandwich, or a curried egg sandwich or a egg and salad sandwich.

Recently, I have been adding to the typical egg and mayo combo, to make my sandwich filling more of an American style egg salad.

You can anything you like, I always have an onion tasting element (red onion, spring onion or chives) and some fresh parsley. Sometimes I add avocado instead of mayo or curry powder/garrum marsala, or chopped celery, different herbs or  capers or cheese etc.

I also now, usually replace the lettuce with baby kale, the flavor goes well with the eggs and it is more nutritious

My method for boiling eggs

  1. Place eggs in a saucepan, cover with enough cold water to cover.
  2. Place on high heat until boiling, let boil for about 5 minutes.
  3. Drain, and place eggs in a bowl and over with cold water. Let sit, until cool enough to handle or completely cool, depending on how hungry you are
  4. To peel, I roll on a chopping board to crack shell all over, and then peel making sure to break membrane so shell comes of more easily. (This process is easier if the egg has completely cooled)



Recipe for 1 generous sandwich

2 hard boiled eggs

1 tbs of good whole-egg mayo

about a 1/4 of a small red onion finely sliced

1 tsp of finely chopped fresh parsley

salt and pepper.

1 small handful of baby kale

2 pieces of bread of your choice or a roll

Mash eggs  and mayo with a fork until well combined, stir in onion and parsley. Season

Top bread with kale and then egg mixture, enjoy!


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Using the Breville – Chicken and Pecan Jaffle

Lately we have been making Jaffles quite a lot. Once we take the maker out we use it, but once it gets put away in the cupboard, we forget about for a few months!

It makes a toasted sandwich a little bit special and allows you use some interesting ingredients. Most often we have bacon and egg or classic ham and cheese, but the other day I used left over grilled chicken, sweet potato mash, a few green bean beans and some cheese -left over chicken dinner jaffle, pretty yummy!

It seems jaffles are getting trendy, I saw a segment on the TV show (Everyday Gourmet, Channel 10 in Australia), that featured an owner of a jaffle food truck in Sydney (Jafe Jaffles), he made a sweet jaffle using pastry and then a poached chicken, almond and basil Jaffle,which has inspired the following:


Ingredients for 2 Jaffles

quarter of finely diced red onion

about 8 pecans coarsely chopped

1 breast of a roasted chicken (or poached)

1 – 2 tbsp  finely chopped parsley (or herb of your choice)

1 tbsp of good whole egg mayonnaise

4 slices of bread of your choice

butter or fat of your choice

  1. Turn on Breville.
  2. Combine onion, pecans, chicken parsley and mayonnaise in a bowl, season.
  3. Butter all slices of bread on one side.
  4. When Breville is ready, place bread buttered side down, evenly spread chicken mixture over bread and top with remaining slices.
  5. Close Breville and toast until done!

It was a yummy sandwich, better than cheese and ham. You could go without the butter, but it  creates a nice brown crust on the outside of the sandwich.