Zumbo Chocolate Mirror Cake Mix

ImageYes, I use cake mixes sometimes!

Really they are not much easier than making a cake from scratch, but some are pretty good!

In Australia, over the last couple of years two ‘celebrity chefs’ Adriano Zumbo and Donna Hay have released their own ‘premium’ cake, biscuit and slice recipes.

This is one of Zumbo’s. He is a pâtissier and is known for ‘out there’ creations and providing Australian Master Chef with some outrageous challenges.

He provides videos that are good for the recipe instructions, at http://zumbobaking.com.au/


I cake was relatively easy to make. You have to use a water bath, which may be a little intimating for an inexperienced cook.

My cake stuck in the corners to the pan, but I think I was lazy with the greasing!


So the chunks missing ruined the mirror effect somewhat, but as you can see the glaze is super shiny and luscious looking.


I served the cake as part of a dessert spread at a party, soon after applying the glaze. I left it on the board, as in the picture above. However, to make it look like the box, you are supposed to let it sit  awhile and then remove to another serving plate to, get rid of the excess at the sides. It was very popular, I think because the glaze was still warm!



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