What to cook when you really don’t want to cook??

It’s rare but there are times when I’m to tired or just can’t be bothered cooking. The other night I really didn’t want to cook.

I went to the supermarket and walked around not knowing what to get, I decided to get a hot chicken. Then thought I felt like pasta. I remembered I found a jar of red pesto when i clean out the pantry the other week. So I thought I would get some mushroom, and toss everything together for an easy meal.

But when I got home the pesto was gone!

I don’t know what happened to it, but now I had to make some. Luckily, I also found a packet of sun dried tomatoes in the pantry.


Honestly, the hardest part of this was cleaning the food processor, but as you can tell by the quality of the last photo I was over cooking and photo taking, but the dish was tasty in the end!

Also the pesto could be used as a dip, or spread for sandwiches or bruschetta.

(I had no Parmesan in the fridge, added some to the pesto is traditional, but it was nice without)


Ingredients (serves 6)


200gs of sun dried tomatoes (I used fat free, but tomatoes packed in oil would be fine, you will just need less oil later)

about 150gs of black olives pitted

large handful of parsley (basil would also work)

3 cloves of garlic (use less or more to taste)

handful of  nuts (pine nuts are traditional, I used Brazil because that what I’s had, but any nut would work )

Good olive oil


500gs pasta of your choice (I used penne)

250 grams Swiss brown mushrooms sliced

1 red onion finely chopped

200gs frozen baby peas

1 breast of a roasted chicken shredded


  1. Fill a large put of water, add a few tbsp of salt and heat on high until boiling
  2. Put pesto ingredients (except oil) in a food processor
  3. Process on high for a few pulses, and then start to drizzle in oil as you possess until you get a consistency you are happy with, remember you can add some pasta water at the end to thin it out  a little.
  4. When water is boiling, add pasta and cook until al dente.
  5. Meanwhile, saute onion until translucent, and mushrooms and cook until soft, add peas and turn off heat, stir to combine. The residual heat will cook the peas.
  6. Drain pasta when done, reserving half a cup of the water. Combine pasta, water, chicken, pesto and onion mixture back in the hot cooking pot. Season and serve.



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