A visit to Casa Iberica and Zeigote, Fitzroy.


I’m planning on feeding a number of people a Mexican feast in the next couple of weeks, and needed to find somewhere in Melbourne that stocks ancho chillies, chipotle chillies in adobo, tomatillos and a few other things.


A quick Google, led me to Casa Iberica (25 Johnston St, Fitzroy). It stocks products from Spain, well as all over South America and also continental goods. It is also a deli, where you can get small goods, rolls filled to order and sweet and savory pastries. It was awesome! I wish I had more time to explore but we were in a bit of hurry. I’m going back the day before my feast to get fresh corn tortillas, cheese and maybe, some Jarrito or Inca cola soft drinks.


As you can see from my haul,I found all that I needed (and more), and also found Sherry Vinegar which I have been after for awhile!


Afterwards, we had a quick lunch at Zeigote, which is a couple of doors down. I had a ‘Spicy Indian Omelet’, it was yummy. Yellow from  turmeric, and full of spice, capsicum and nicely charred onions.


Hope your all enjoying your weekend!

Casa Iberica on Urbanspoon


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